T-Mobile and Tim Tebow join forces to show how lack of a contract can be an advantage

Tim Tebow has made a quarterback sneak into Super Bowl XLVIII. T-Mobile has created a series of three ads using the former NFL (Denver, New York) QB, showing just how good it is to have no contract — something that both T-Mobile customers and Tebow can attest to. The nation’s no. 4 wireless carrier revealedthe ad program on Friday.

The similarities are uncanny. All right, they really aren’t. It’s a stretch to make the connection between T-Mobile and Tim Tebow, but here goes. Tim Tebow is without an NFL contract. T-Mobile’s current UnCarrier program means that there are not contracts — and thus no ETFs — for any customers, either.

Two of the three spots have been released on YouTube. The third is being saved for Super Bowl XLVIII. In the spots, Tebow “reminisces” about all the great things he has been able to do now that he is not burdened with a contract. He has (fictionally) delivered babies, saved puppies from a burning building, caught a mythical swamp creature, proposed a plan for world peace, and rocked out a la Alice Coooper.

He has even played football (gasp) on the moon.

Tebow, at least, shows he is not above making fun of himself. In the press release, Tebow said:

T-Mobile came to me with a great idea around a fun and creative Super Bowl spot. I love what they’ve been doing and how they treat their customers. It was a blast filming all of the various scenes, and working with T-Mobile to highlight their concept around no contracts for their customers.

T-Mobile’s UnCarrier program eliminates carrier subsidies and contracts, and instead asks end users to put some money down (often, $0) and then pay the rest of the full price in monthly installments.

The two already unveiled spots were created by Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, but T-Mobile’s longtime advertising agency Publicis produced the third spot, which won’t be released until Sunday, during Super Bowl XLVIII.

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